Smart Move Northamptonshire

​​Encouraging new ways to travel

Lead Designer & UX Consultant
Reading Room


Smart Northamptonshire is a new initiative headed by Northamptonshire County Council. The Smart initiative is a digital initiative to encourage visitors and residents of Northamptonshire to re-think and change the way they use travel. A large part of the project was the installation of Smart 'totems' placed around the town.

The project was to design a website that would educate users on the initiative through content and existing interactive traffic maps and act as a complimentary piece to their totems.


Key features

A core piece of the site was a map that provides road users in Northamptonshire with information such as parking, traffic, accidents and incidents. The existing map was slow and overall experience was clunky. Bringing in a cleaner UI using common map patterns as well as an update in technology led to a smoother faster experience with easy to use filters.

Part of the Smart project was about informing people of different things to do and see in Northamptonshire and providing them with a different view of the place, whether as a visitor or resident. Creating different types of landing pages and content allowed these areas to be brought to life.