Creating a simpler, useful and engaging experience for clinics

Lead designer
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HFEA (Human Fertilisation Embryology Authority) are responsible for the regulation of fertility treatment in England. At the heart of their operations is a system that is both used internally and by clinics across the country. The system is called Clinic portal and helps to ensure that standards and performance criteria are being met across the country.

It allows clinics to submit, obtain and manage clinic information and allows the HFEA to provide guidance through the Knowledge base, send clinics updates and provide them with performance data such as rates of success and inspection reports.

The project was to redesign the portal with it’s current and new technology to create an enhanced experience for clinics to increase engagement and quality of data. The project also had to meet GDS standards.


Key features

The license applications are very extensive and long and laborious tasks for clinics who are often time-poor, having one long form caused friction and resulted in reluctance and failure to fill it in.

By creating a process in which it could be completed in sections and returned to meant those who are time poor can fill it in within their timings and as a result increases the likelihood of engagement and rate of completed applications.

One of the most important aspects for clinics is knowing how they are performing. There are long reports that detail these but nothing high level.

Creating quick and digestible stats that could be seen almost immediately on the dashboard enabled clinics to quickly see how they performed and whether they needed to take action.