Ipswich Town FC

​​Empowering fans to buy their club's merch

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Ipswich Town is a football club with a huge fan base. They have a strong web presence with a main website and a shop for fans to buy merch and kits. Their website had undergone a transformation to reflect the club’s image and brand but the shop hadn’t been touched.

The project was to re-design their shop to make it an exciting and intuitive shopping experience as well as be visually in line with the newly transformed main website.


Key features

An always accesible cart overlaying cart made it as easy as possible for users to update and change their products without being taken out of their journey. Introducing a stage indicator in the payment flow made it clear to users what to expect in the process and surfacing relevant information for their purchase e.g. the total and individual costs to reduce the drop-out and need to exit the flow.

The"kit builder" component was introduced as a feature which fans could use to customise a kit directly from landing on the homepage, encouraging them to engage without needing them to engage with the products area first.