​​Transforming the mobile experience

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​​ŠKODA's mobile site was outdated and miles behind their desktop counterpart - with major inconsistencies visually and content wise. In 2016, ŠKODA brought in a new piece of branding with Bradley Wiggins as the face of their initial campaign.

The project was to do a complete re-design and led by the new branding and incorporating their new campaign.


Key features

As part of the new branding was the introduction of a crystal shape, used for ​​ŠKODA's image cover pieces and other large materials . Having a dominating shape overlay on images wasn't possible on mobile. Instead, using the crystal as a block colour and background within the menu allowed it to remain front and centre.

Not all users can put a name to a face when it comes to car models. Introducing a visual car model selector took the guess work out, saving users time in finding the type of car they're looking for.